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How can you be sure to find the best home healthcare agency for yourself or for a loved-one?

Here are the questions to ask and the things to look for:


1. Have you been given written information both about the staff that will be serving the client and the owners of the Agency and are they highly experienced, healthcare professionals? Is the Agency ACHC accredited with a high Medicare Quality of Care Star Rating?

2. Have you been given a written description of the principles of the Agency, how staff are selected, trained and supervised and how the Agency works to assure quality services and continually improve those services?

3. Have you been given a copy of the “Client’s Bill of Rights”?

4. Has one of the owners, as well as the staff of the Agency, contacted you to answer any of your questions and provide you with contact information if you later have a question or problem?

5. Has the Agency laid out for you how the program of care for the client will be developed and does it involve both the client and his/her family? Does the plan of care spell out clearly the different services to be provided and how progress will be assessed and the plan updated as necessary?

6. Have you been clearly told how the staff coming into the client’s home will be supervised and how often a supervisor will be in touch with you to determine your satisfaction? Have you been given a guarantee that if ever you are dissatisfied with the staff coming into the client’s home that that staff person will be replaced with no questions asked?

7. Have you been given clear, individually prepared, written information about all charges that you can expect for the client’s services from the Agency as well as eligibility requirements for all available sources of funds to help pay for the client’s services?

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