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The experience and background of our healthcare staff and owners

Maria Gort, RN - Director of Nursing


Maria brings over 40 years’ experience in both nursing care and healthcare management in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to her work in home healthcare, Maria has been a registered nurse in a hospital based trauma and emergency care center and has served as a QA/QI RN. She became a Director of Nursing in the Home Care setting in 2015 evaluating and setting standards of care in a home healthcare agency. We are extremely proud that Maria now sets the standards of care for Homewood and is available to train and advise all our nursing and home care staff

Catherine Elder - Services Coordinator, Coconut Creek Office


Catherine brings over 12 years; experience working in the home healthcare field following a diverse career in office support both in this country and in Europe. Her key role at Highbridge is client support which she provides for both therapeutic and home care scheduling, reimbursement, service evaluation and modification or simply listening and helping families to make their own individual decisions about care for themselves or for a loved-one facing health problems. Catherine also provides all the personnel support for our Coconut Creek office.

Alexandra Wright - Office Manager, Lake Worth Office


As Office manager for the Lake Worth office, Alexandra, also known as Trecee, ensures that the daily operations run smoothly. She maintains all the therapy and home visit schedules, tracks physician orders and follows up on all client requests for information and assistance ,assuring that the request reaches the right member of the Homewood staff for prompt response. She also handles all human resource functions at Lake Worth thus helping our clinical and home support staff to spend the maximum time helping our clients.

Owners and Managers

Jacqueline Hurt, M.S., N.H.A. - COO, Highbridge Care Homewood and Manager of Homewood Home Health Care


Jacqueline brings over 30 years’ experience as a respiratory therapist, nursing home administrator, assisted living administrator and coordinator of healthcare services for a multi-state provider specializing in senior care services. She has trained and supervised staff working in both rehabilitation and chronic care settings and specialized in the care of seniors with a variety of disabilities. Jacqueline is responsible for all operational matters at Homewood and is available to speak with families with concerns over any part of the operation of Homewood.

Martin D. Hamburg, Ph.D. - CEO, Highbridge Care Homewood


Martin brings over 39 years’ experience in healthcare management specializing in the residential and therapeutic care of seniors with cognitive and memory impairment. He is on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medicine and has had a distinguished career in research, teaching and building top quality service programs for individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities. He has created outpatient therapeutic programs of every type as well as assisted living communities for seniors in Florida and other states up and down the east coast.

Joel W. Hass, M.B.A., M.H.A. - SVP Highbridge Care Homewood,  Medical Liaison


Joel brings with him over 40 years’ experience in hospital administration, nursing home administration and health system development. He has supervised therapeutic services both in acute care and post-acute settings and served in different leadership capacities for Florida Hospital, the Florida Hospital Foundation and the American Red Cross.

Mark J. Nunheimer - CFO, Highbridge Care Homewood


Mark brings over 30-years’ experience in accounting with 20 years of experience in developing healthcare facilities, operational accounting, billing and reimbursement. His experience spans a variety of healthcare operations in multiple states.

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